A Little About Me

Written by Duke, APS Investigator

My interest in the paranormal began at a very early age. As a young child, I was (and still am) VERY much into horror movies. Being exposed to different subgenres of horror, it were films that featured witches, demons, ghosts, and other otherworldly entities, that led to me gaining a heavy interest in the occult.

At first it was just the “white light” witchcraft that I read about, mainly because at such an early age (I was probably around 9, 10 years old) those types of books on the arts were the only types I was able to locate at my local library at the time. Around this same time while I was reading up on different aspects of witchcraft, I was also gaining a fascination into ghosts and hauntings, especially after seeing the original Amityville Horror for the first time. Reading some of these accounts helped me come to an understanding of some of the things I was experiencing in my own home at the time.

The house I grew up in in New Jersey I believe was, and probably still is, haunted. There were times when I would hear strange sounds late at night such as furniture moving and even footsteps at times when I knew for certain that my parents were in their room asleep. No one else lived in the home but me and them.

While growing up in this house, there are two events that happened when I was very young that I still recall very vividly. The first happened on a Saturday night. My dad was out with some friends and it was just me and my mom at home. She was in the bathroom cleaning up and I was in the living room watching television. During a commercial break I was walking from the front of the house to the rear where the kitchen was located to grab a quick snack. As I was walking past a stand/rack that was used to hold some books and some coats that were hanging up, from out of nowhere a hand came out from between the coats and knocked the rack over sending things flying everywhere. It disappeared as soon as it appeared.

Now I know what some people may be thinking, that someone was probably tucked away pulling some sort of prank, but the way the rack was setup, there was no way that someone could have been standing there or even crouched on top of it because as mentioned, it was only my mother and myself at home at the time. Needless to say my mom heard the commotion, came out and asked what was going on, I told her what happened and she just gave me a weird sort of look while eyeing the spot where the coats were hanging and slightly swaying against the wall.

The second event also happened late at night. Once again I was in the front portion of the house in the living room screwing around doing whatever, and my parents were in the back of the house. While I was in the living room hanging around, I distinctly heard a female voice call my name from an empty room that was right next to where I was. Once again, the only ones in the house at the time were me and my parents and they were in a separate part of the house from where I was. I don’t recall if this happened before or after the “hand flying out from the wall” incident, but what I do know is that I left that area of the house pretty damn quick.

There was also a basement in the house which also used to give me a very weird chill at times when I was growing up. When I would take the stairs leading up from the basement, I couldn’t help but feel as if something was watching me and a couple of times, as I ran up the stairs, it felt as if something was giving chase, but now…I chalk that up to a normal, or maybe, a not-so-normal child’s imagination.

As I got older, my interest in the occult went to the darker side of the Arts, eventually leading to me casting off some of the theological dogmas that were taught to me in favor of philosophies and principles I felt were more in line with humanity’s natural inclinations. At the somewhat tender age of 14, I became a follower of the Anton LaVey principles of Satanism and eventually became a card carrying member of the Church of Satan when I turned 20. It is funny, in a way, that once I went to the Left Hand Path as a teenager, that the things which frightened or gave me the “willies” as a young child, didn’t really unnerve me as much as they used to.

Then again by that time, I had read a number of different publications and also viewed a few documentaries on hauntings and basically chocked up some events in that old house in New Jersey as learning experiences and that while odd, they were harmless. And as I got older, I felt as if the entity/entities in that house were in a way, perhaps even looking out for us. Namely because no matter how bad the neighborhood was where we lived (and it was pretty bad), I always felt safe in that house….especially in the basement.  🙂


One thought on “A Little About Me

  1. Sometimes contact from the other side is mistaken for haunting. Satan, demons and fallen angels exist and do attempt contact. Fear keeps the person from receiving the message or invitation. Opening a door to the other side allows the blessings and knowledge to flow to the recipient.

    Good post.


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