Cleansing: Much More Than Smudging

Written by Cassandra



Grounding? Cleansing? Smudging? What are these words and why do they matter? You may have just visited our page on a whim…or maybe you’re an experienced paranormal investigator.  Either way the subject of clearing out the negative in your life is relevant to all of us. I’m going to give you a quick run down on exactly what a cleansing is and how important an understanding of the ritual is before an execution of the ceremony is made. Despite what you may read online or buy as a kit online…clearing out a home, an object, or an aura is not a one size fits all concoction.

Let’s put this in perspective. When you go to clean your clothes there are different types of filth. Some come right out with laundry detergent. Some may need a pre-treatment. Others require bleach….or baking soda. Sometimes you want to add softener. The same can be applied to the process of energy cleansing. There are negative energies constantly butting up against our aura, entering our homes, slithering into our lives. Some are entities of people past, some may not have been human ever, others are just mean and nasty thoughts while some were left in a place by people and events that came before. There are literally hundreds of different things that soil our personal space on a daily basis. Like we have to wash our clothes…we need to cleanse our space. Rolling with that train of thought, because there are so many things swirling around marking up our lives there are just as many solutions to eradication

Many websites and books will tell you to grab some sage from Whole Foods, light it up, and smoke out your house/car/ect. The truth is, is that unless you are just moving into a space or are looking for a light “dusting” of your space you might as well be trying to clean house in the middle of a child’s birthday party.  Conducting a thorough and effective cleansing takes time and research. Just like a regular spring cleaning can take all day….so does the preparation for a serious cleansing. Once you have your “problem” (or what is ailing your space) nailed down you need to take a series of steps to manufacture a proper solution. Compare it to a symphony….or an amazing recipe. All the materials involved need to come together “just so” and form the most desirable outcome.



You will have to take into consideration the God/Goddess/Angel/ etc. you will be addressing for the ritual. In accordance to your chosen accessory energy you will need to work out the preferred herb, stone/crystal, oils, incense, colors, moon phase, and possibly even day of the week the guardian requires. Cross reference that with your desired outcome. Work out the best way to implement all of them in a ceremony that will adhere to your intentions. Just like you would use a different solution for cleaning glass, wood, and tile you need to tailor your ceremony to your subject of cleansing as well. Unless you are dealing with the most casual of clearings or protections (just getting ‘rid” of negative energy) your ceremony should have more than one purpose and effect. Not just to “push” something out. But to protect. To neutralize the energy so it doesn’t wait at your door or head up the block. (Energy doesn’t just disappear. )To infuse love, hope, and peace within the space. Or even prosperity and patience. Maybe encouraging a better flow of energy in the space….and empower the resident/owner/person this is being done on. To “banish” is not necessarily good enough.

Worse than an ineffective cleansing is an improper one. Example….waving Holy Water in the face of a Native American from before the 1700’s will be nothing short of insulting and confusing for the Native American. He’d have no idea what it was and feel nothing if not threatened. Say that Native American was the energy causing you stress on your property. Walking around hollering and tossing water in an aggressive fashion will only sour the stressed entity/living relationship even more and amplify activity. You cannot use a Jewish method on a Hindu energy, a Buddhist cleansing on an old English gent trapped in time, or a Catholic ritual on a Native American. Again, Windex for glass, wood polish on Oak, and grout cleaner for grout. Not only will you have no difference in the house but your activity can become violent..or more so. Aggressive or thicker. It’s akin to leaving the spoon in the bowl and turning on the microwave.

When all is said and done….grounding is next. Grounding is a necessity after a cleansing. A stone with properties of certain metals such as iron carry high or “positive” vibrations…used as a barrier around something such as a property it creates a sort of force field making it exceedingly hard for lower or “negative” vibrations to break through and dirty up your space again. Such stones as hematite will nicely do the trick. Placed in the four corners of a property or space it can also have a very calming and balancing effect.

Now that you have a better idea of what goes into a proper cleansing go out and have fun with it! Cleans your car, your home, your aura, your workspace. It’s all necessary and all very much worth the time being put into it. Reconnect with yourself during the process. You deserve to live clean and productively. Research and educate yourself on what energies affect your life. Take back your power and understand how your world is working. Have some good “clean” fun!

Love and light……


2 thoughts on “Cleansing: Much More Than Smudging

  1. Well written and easy to understand and relate to. Idea for your next topic…How do you go about researching/ figuring out what energies that you are dealing with so you know what ‘cleaner’ (ceremony)to use?

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