Mirror Mirror on the Wall: The Art and History of Scrying

Written by Cassandra

Credit: indigodeep.deviantart.com

Credit: indigodeep.deviantart.comThe word scrying comes from the English word “descry”  which means “to make out dimly” or “reveal”.  The purpose for this activity has been skewed through media and false knowledge giving it the presumption that one does such a thing to speak beyond the veil. Here we will help you understand what the true purpose for this amazing exercise of the human mind is, where it came from, and how anyone (YES YOU!) can do it. Scrying is much more than Hollywood’s trumped up Romani gazing into a crystal ball. It’s a journey into the deepest recesses of your mind.

 The practice of scrying dates as far back (documented) as 3000 BC in China where cracked eggs were used as a form of scrying and divination. From the Oracles of Delphi to the Cradle of Mankind in Africa. It’s so well documented and such a common practice that even the buttoned up Victorians of a beautiful bygone era had their method even before the Spiritualist movement. It was said that if a young Victorian girl took a mirror…and looked behind her into another mirror… She’d see the face of her future husband. If you remember, in the infamous novel, ‘Pride and Prejudice’….Miss Elizabeth toyed with such, and behold was her Mr. Darcy.  The Egyptians used a vessel filled with oil to scry…calling on a young boy to peer into it while invoking their God to determine a fortunate solution for their query. You see, the rhyme and reason behind scrying wasn’t to communicate directly with spirits (such as a medium might) but to discern the past, present, or future of situations. For example, The Oracles of Delphi. They had a special spring where they gazed into the water giving Emperors, Generals, and peasants alike visions of the future and their fate. Kingdom’s breaths were held on the scrying of their mages and religious figures. Wars waged on the direction given by scrying seers. Accounts of scrying can be found in practices of Queen Elizabeth I and from the pages written on King Arthur’s Merlin. How wonderfully (and historically) delicious!

There are so many ways and methods to scrying they are actually categorized. (Categories can be found in

Credit: azzrianvisions.blogspot.com

Credit: azzrianvisions.blogspot.com

reference links…there really are too many to go into at the moment.) The early more popular forms used by religious leaders of the Yucatan and Aztec shaman were to use reflective crystals and gemstones with an emphasis on quartz. Aside from having their perspective magical properties in the cultures the quartz or gemstones had a very shiny, deep, reflective surface. You see, in order to scry one has to become almost trance like. Deeply relaxed and focused on intent. Muscles loose. Looking about five inches “into” the matter they are scrying with a blank mind blocking all outside stressors. Nostradamus used a black mirror in legend to divine his visions and predictions of the human race. Both black and silver mirrors are commonly used as well. For heavens sake, who was it that said, “Looking glass upon the wall — Who’s the fairest of them all” ? Oh yes, The wicked Queen from our beloved ‘Snow White’. It’s more prevalent than one would think! We then get into the all-knowing crystal ball. The Wizard of Oz gazed in his…seeing Dorothy’s family upset and worried about her absence. Gypsies staking their price to peer into the dimly lit ball of glass to tell you where your future resides. Other forms of scrying can include what is called ‘abacomancy’ where one will scry into dust. There is ‘molybdomancy’ where the seer or seeker looks into melted metal for answers. Pools water and plumes of smoke are also popular and well documented methods. There are about as many medias of what one can scry into as a Dalmation has spots. The only right one is the one that works for the seeker.

Intrigued yet? Would you like to try your hand at scrying? Wonder if you are the Oracle of Portland? Well lucky you. I’m about to tell you how.

  1. Find your media you wish to scry into. This might take a few tries to see what works best for you. A mirror is cheap (You can make your own if you wish. Personalize it.) Or if you want to be super fancy you can spring for a glass or crystal ball. (Stop by Tiffany’s on your way back for me, darling. Momma can always use a new set of pearls. ;-D )

  2. Relax. Make sure the room you’re in is free of debris that will distract you. Of sound and light except for the candles you light or the dimmed lights. Take the media you chose in your hand (unless it’s liquid..then simply place your hands around the container.). Some practitioners say if it’s warmed by your touch before hand the process works better because it creates a link. Meditate. Deeply. Focus inward pushing everything out of your mind except the object in your hands. Understand what you’re doing is tapping into your deepest corners of your mind. This space of time is for you. Connect your energy to your media.

  3. Open your eyes. As you are putting your media in front of you (unless its liquid then concentrate on the bowl and contents) focus on the intentions of your scrying. Are you looking into the future? The past? Have a question for the present? Regarding your career, relationship, or finances? Be clear about your intentions.

  4. You can either put down the media or continue holding it. Stare deeply…about 4 or 5 inches into the surface. Gaze at the light within. Use the light inside to connect to the divine light within yourself. This is your tool to tap into your personal energy. When you connect a fog or images may start to appear. Impressions and insights.

Now, remember. Scrying is NOT to be used in place of common sense. It’s not to take the place of rational thinking and do NOT scry longer than 20 minutes at a time. Most practitioners say that scrying is really an intense meditation. Where, gazing, you are able to connect with a place farther than your ID and Ego. They think the revelations that emerge where with you all along and you just gave your subconscious the room it needed to manifest. If you think about it, they sure seem to be making a lot of sense. We tend to often forget our true internal power and don’t trust our intuition. Sometimes we need a bit of serious meditation and inward focus to draw out what we were capable of all along.

Love and light….







Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls:  Tools for Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership by Ted Andrews


2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall: The Art and History of Scrying

  1. Great article, I’ve always wondered about scrying but haven’t really spent any time looking into.

    Thanks for the insight into this practice, I’ll try it out when I get a chance!

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